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7 Reasons to choose Lithium powered EP Forklifts

Lower total cost of ownership, eco-friendly and faster charging are among the many benefits of choosing Lithium Forklifts to handle your warehouse operations.

Why are Lithium Forklifts Growing in Popularity?

As Electric forklifts are becoming increasingly popular due to their lower maintenance, increased efficiency and eco-friendliness, Lithium powered Forklift Trucks are still a relatively new battery option. However, by adopting Lithium-ion Forklifts & Warehouse Equipment, you could benefit from a wide range of benefits.

For example, many warehouses and distribution centres who run multi-shift operations are taking advantage of benefits such as opportunity charging. This form of charging allows operators to charge the battery for short periods such as break times without needing to take the battery out of the forklift, as opposed to swapping batteries like its lead-acid counterpart.

Benefits of choosing Lithium powered EP Forklifts

Here are 7 key benefits when selecting lithium powered forklift trucks:

1) Improved Productivity

When compared to electric forklifts powered by lead-acid batteries, li-ion forklifts generally last 7 times longer and charge twice as fast.

2) Maintenance Free

Unlike lead-acid batteries, forklifts powered by lithium batteries don’t require ongoing maintenance such as watering or equalising.

3) Longer Lifespan

Typically, lithium fork trucks last three to four times longer than lead-acid batteries. This longer lifespan reduces the frequency of battery replacements and overall costs in the long run.

4) Opportunity Charging

Enabling quick and flexible recharging during short breaks, opportunity charging optimises productivity and saves time on switching batteries when compared to lead-acid alternatives.

5) Increased Efficiency

Lithium powered EP Forklifts have a higher energy density meaning they have the capacity to store more energy enabling longer run times and high efficiency.

 6) Eco Friendly

When operating, lithium powered equipment have no emissions and their longer lifespan means less battery disposal in the future.

7) Reduce Total cost of Ownership

While lithium forklift trucks cost more up front, they have a lower total cost of ownership over the course of the equipment’s life due to reduced downtime, increased productivity and lower operating costs.

Explore our extensive range of EP Forklifts and Warehouse Equipment and start benefitting from choosing Lithium today!

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